Monday, September 20, 2010

Life Drawing Studies and Demos (Sept 2010)

Edit: I forgot to mention, I have had some people over the last year or so express an interest in buying some of my life studies. I have started up an Etsy shop for just this purpose, so go and check it out. It is a little sparse right now, but as I catalog the better drawings that are still in good shape I will list them. Quicker studies will list at about $3o and longer studies at about $50.

30 min +/-

1.5 hrs +/-

40 min +/-

25 min


4 hrs +/-


Anonymous said...

good moves !

Mathias Zamęcki said...

aawesome stuff! could you make some step by step shoots from figure drawing?


Serg said...

Hi Erik,

Are you going to sell the arms and legs anatomy studies too?

E.M. Gist said...

Mimi- Thanks
Coyote- There are plans being made;)
Serg- If there is an interest, sure. Check the shop tomorrow

Matt said...

Do you have this one of Taysia still?

E.M. Gist said...

Hey Matt- sorry, that was the first one that sold.

Matt said...

Figures, those ones always sell the fastest.