Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Tough Mudder & Sketches

Hey all, if you have not heard I am running in the Tough Mudder Next summer. The worthy cause associated with this event is The Wounded Warrior Project. The goal is for each participant to raise at least $150 each in donations in their name, but I would like to get at least $1000 . I will offer one of my printed sketchbooks, or a Kolchak print (signed with a doodle) to anyone who pledges $20 or one of my finished sketches to anyone who pledges $50 or more on my behalf. Here is the link to donate.

Just so there are some images to accompany this post here are some sketches I have done recently. Some of which were done on my recent trip out to Altoona, Pa for Illuxcon, which was once again one of the highlights of my year.