Monday, June 16, 2008

Microvisions going live

The auctions have been set up.
They will go live on today at 6pm PST, starting with Daren..
This will give the West Coasters a chance to get home before the bidding ends on June 23rd.
They will then end alphabetically every 3 minutes.
This gives people a chance to bid on new items if they missed the previous.

I have links, but since the auction is not yet live, I fear the links will be bad.
So instead, here are the item #'s:
BADER: 230261925172
CHAN: 230261925684
GIST: 230261926167
JUSKO: 230261926516
KLEIN: 230261926724
LOCKWOOD: 230261927148
ORBIK: 230261927358
SHIMIZU: 230261927680
TAN: 230261927850
WEBER: 230261928066

Or... you can just search for "MICROVISIONS 3"

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Microvisions step x step

Here is a step x step of my Microvisions piece.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Microvisions Update

Dan Dos Santos has been kind enough to put up a preview page for the Microvisions auction. Click here for all the details

Monday, June 9, 2008

Sketch Redux part 1

Here is a recent illustration I did for Magic: The Gathering
My AD requested I redo my initial sketch for the following story related reasons
"Okay, we’re losing the merfolk-in-training gag. He just looks like hes being attacked and or injured. That’s not the idea. He’s like a runner who trains with weighhts on his legs, then they come off and he’s ready to kick ass.
Make sense?"

This made a lot of sense to me so I went with the weight lifting metaphor, and came up with this

And the final image

Wednesday, June 4, 2008


In your journeys through life it isn't often you feel honored to give something or do something for free. You may feel a sense of fulfillment or charity, but certainly not honor. It is with this in mind that I thank Irene Gallo and Dan Dos Santos for inviting me to participate in this years Microvisions auction, I am immensely honored.

this years artist's are

Daren Bader
Jason Chan
Erik Gist
Joe Jusko
Nic Klein
Todd Lockwood
Glen Orbik
Yuko Shimizu
Shaun Tan
Sam Weber

It is easy to see why I feel honored

Greatest Show on Earth (June)

There are two shows opening this month that I would like to go see. Luckily they are both in the LA area

Jeremy Lipking at Arcadia Gallery

Sabastian Kruger at Gallery 319

Tuesday, June 3, 2008


Jimmy was a visitor in our home for a week or so. Our dog found a young crow, not quite able to fly, so we took him into our home for awhile. Luckily we had an empty aviary that he could call home until he got a little stronger. These are a few pictures we snapped before releasing him, and no I don't usually dress like this, it was for reference for my wifes paintings.