Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Cobweb Detective Club

Edit: Okay so I am sitting here in the airport and I got to thinking "I wonder if my blogpost helped get the word out for CDC?" To help me out, let me hear from you. You don't have to post your name, but leave a comment on this post if you bought Dug's graphic novel, and if you want to, leave a little review. If you really liked it post a link on your Facebook, blog, Twitter, whatever.

One last thing before I take off for a few days. My buddy Dug Nation completed a real labor of love earlier this year. As an artist I have known a lot of guys (myself included) who have talked about doing their own graphic novel, but very few have ever followed through. Dug not only followed through, but produced a top notch 75 page festival of cool.

Granted as someone who is not only good friends with the creator of this book, but also a great lover of all things pulp and horror, I sit smack dab in the heart of this books target demographic. This is why I have remained fairly quiet about this project, but it has gone criminally neglected long enough. For only a $1.99 you owe it to yourself to check out this amazing book. Check out a preview here. Then go over and buy it here.

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