Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Art History Scavenger Hunt (Oct 2010)

WOW! Okay, so I knew I was starting off with an easy one, but this is ridiculous. Two winners, and it is not yet 8 o'clock. Next month I will clearly have to post later, and make it harder, to give the west coast guys a chance. Congrats to Scott Altmann and Kurt Aspland

Hey all,
About a month ago I posted my influence map, and ran a scavenger hunt competition to name all my influences. Enough people had fun with this that I have decided to make a similar regular feature. So witness the birth of "Art History Scavenger Hunt", each month (or so) I will post a visual riddle and the first person to post in the comments with the correct answer wins a prize. This months prize will be a free copy of the Dead Reign RPG core book from Palladium Books signed with a sketch. Please be patient with the prize, I just mailed out last months today.

Here is the hunt for October (see what I did there). Name each of the artist's responsible for the paintings below, as well as the mystery artist that continues the pattern.


Unknown said...


The only thing that puzzles me is the pattern.

Ingres --------> David
Sargent --------> Carlos Duran
Cornwell -------> Saul Tepper

I believe David was Ingres' teacher, which is confusing me. You could flip it around and then Harvey Dunn would be Cornwell's teacher.

I dunno - did I mess this up?

E.M. Gist said...

Scott- You are close
Ingres is to David
Sargent is to Carlus Duran
Cornwell is to ?

Kurt Aspland said...

these are artist that studied together...
Cornwell-Harvey Dunn

Kurt Aspland said...

Or the last could be Cornwell-Frank Brangwyn

E.M. Gist said...

Okay- I will send a signed sketched copy to both Scott and Kurt. Bonus points to Kurt for giving both acceptable answers. If both you gents would email me your address I will get them in the mail in the next couple weeks. Scott if you want to wait till IlluxCon let me know.

Unknown said...

Hhaa- wait ...did I get it? I think I messed it up :)

I don't think it was the lack of knowledge- just my basic lack of puzzle solving! Back to Pre-K for me.

But if you think my answers were appropriate, I'll gladly take a sketch ! Illuxcon is cool with me :)

E.M. Gist said...

Hey Scott-
I gave it to you as well, because you had all the info correct. I probably wouldn't have if you hadn't included that last sentence, and if you weren't such a damn nice guy. IlluXCon it is.

Charles Valsechi said...

Did anyone ever get the Cornwell mystery? I might have said Cornwell-Gurney

Dunn taught Cornwell so Cornwell would be continuing his Dunns Legacy which of course comes from Pyle.

<3 Art History