Sunday, August 22, 2010

Update On Reilly Correspondence Course

I would like to start by saying sadly, as near as I can tell there are only three surviving contributers to the NIAD correspondence course. Clark Hulings, James Bama, and Michael Aviano, if anyone can put me in touch with one of these three gentlemen i would be forever grateful. Also to avoid clutter, I have created a new blog specifically for the pursuit

In an attempt to gather more info on the NIAD course I contacted Kent Steine, a student of Owen Kampen (a Reilly student). He cleared up quite a bit as well as added some new wrinkles.

In addition to telling me that Russell Patterson's chapter is on cartooning, he had this to say.

"Good afternoon Mr. Gist,

Hope this finds you doing well. I am indeed familiar with Mr. Reilly's correspondence courses.

Along with his "films" it is the most oft asked question about him.

My teacher, Owen Kampen first introduced me to Mr. Reilly and the correspondence course in 1979. Kampen was a student of Mr. Reilly's in the mid 1940's.

The course was titled National Institute of Art and Design. Unfortunately, I have but two of the lesson plans, one by John Gannam. The list of contributors is 29 deep. Many were former students, such as James Bama, Michael Aviano, Clark Hulings and Gerry Allison.

The actual school and courses were officially not offered to the public, but the demise of development did not involve Mr. Reilly's death. The courses were to be published by Northwest Schools, and carry a copyright date of 1964. Mr Reilly passed away Jan 1967.

To the best of my knowledge, all the course books were printed for review by the contributors, and presentation. It is why so few exist. My version, came by way of John Gannam, Jr..

References to the demise of the "National Institute", and Mr. Reilly's passing are likely confused with the opening of the West Coast arm of The Frank Reilly School of Art. With offices and studios already leased, his untimely death ended the expansion, immediately.

The Frank Reilly School of Art continued for a time in NYC, but ultimately could not make it. All of the remaining students transferred to the ASL, along with a couple of the instructors. Namely, Jack Faragasso and Bob Schulz.

Hope this has been of some help to your quest. If you have any further questions or interests, please feel free to contact me anytime. I am also sending a copy of our correspondence to my assistant, Kris. Stay in touch!

With every good wish,
Kent Steine"


Lucas Graciano said...

Good job on getting this correspondence back in the light E! I can't wait to see more!

Unknown said...

I have possession of the "National Institute of Art & Design" basic drawing instruction copyright 1962. It lists Frank Reilly as director, also Michael Aviano. Please email me if you are interested.