Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Mail Bag: Andrew Loomis

I have been asked a few times since I started this blog
"Andrew Loomis? I read somewhere that he's one of the major inspiration for Fixler and Orbik?"

I had initially answered
" It is true that there is a big influence and inspiration from Loomis' work, but as far as I know there was no direct teacher student relationship. However I will ask Glen to be sure."

Recently I got an answer to this from the horses mouth, Glen says
"I also hadn't really absorbed the fact that Reilly , Loomis and
Rockwell all had the exact same teachers at their core (Bridgeman and
Dumond) . - I'd never really thought of them as "David" guys as
well - very cool..."

Updated Reilly family tree

Here is a beautiful Andrew Loomis painting courtesy of Bobby Chiu


Humza Khan said...

that is a beautiful painting

Christopher Soto said...

Wow, that is really interesting! Thanks for putting this together.

The Art of Kevin Wueste said...

Erik - I am super intrigued by the research on the National school and hope you find a whole set of the docs.. The Reilly family tree is awesome - I have seen a Ted SEth Jacobs - centric version that includes all of his students ( Jacob Collins, Tony Ryder, Dennis Cheaney, Michael Grimaldi etc.,) and the relationships ( if I recall correctly) of Rockwell to Bridgman ( monitor I think)..

anyway, thanks for doing that and beautiful drawings as always! - kevin