Friday, August 27, 2010

Influence Map

This is a meme that has started doing the rounds. Normally my "competitions" are a joke, but this time for real. Name all the influences, and win a sketch.


Drew Whitmore said...

Alright, I think I have it all!

Phil Hale
Morgan Weistling
Jack Pierce
James Whale (by far the hardest one)
Joseph Clement Coll
Orson Welles
Leon Bonnat
James Bama
Night of the Living Dead
Norman Rockwell
Basil Gogos
Dean Cornwell

That was a lot of fun.

Hemal said...


1.Phil Hale
2.Morgan Weistling
3.Universal Studios Classic Monster Collection
4.James Whale
5.Ridley Scott - Alien
6.Norman Rockwell
7.Dean Cornwell
8.Basil Gogos
9.James Bama
10.Joseph Clement Coll
11.Orson Welles
12.Léon Bonnat
13.George A. Romero - Night of the Living Dead

E.M. Gist said...

lol just missed Hemal, nice try though.
Drew-email me your mailing address, and I will get that sketch out to you. I can't make any promises, but do you have a preference?

How the hell did you guys figure out James Whale?

Drew Whitmore said...

Wow that was down to the wire

To think I ALMOST chatted with my wife who was feeling poorly instead of posting immediately ;)
(she told me to go post!)

James Whale was rather difficult! I don't know how Hemal did it but I can explain how I got there. Theres a website called Tineye that when you plug in an image, it (sometimes) finds other instances of that image on the net. Unfortunately it doesn't work with cropped images and I had previously discarded it because it hadn't worked on the Leon Bonnat painting. But I decided to try it anyway... and it came up with a single image named 'frank35.jpg' that wasn't explained in anyway or linked on any page. I figured that it had to be 'Frank'enstein considering the amount of classic horror inspiration you already had. It only took a short while after that to find the director of the 1931 Frankenstein :)

Unknown said...

Good grief. I just spent the last hour trying to figure out what I now know to be Joseph Coll.

I found Whale pretty fast. Black and white horror monster movies in google. I thought it was Colin Clive at first but after searching him I found the picture of Whale. Cornwell gave me a bit of trouble too. I was all over the map searching Pyle, Leyendecker, etc. I knew it was one of those guys in there.

The hardest one for me was Bonnat. I googled woman with child painting which lead me down a rabbit hole that ended with Bonnet.

Lot of fun and here I thought I was the only one home on a Friday night.

Good job Drew.

Hemal said...

hahah Drew I used Tineye as well and got that image "frank35.jpg" I was searching all over for directors named Frank, and then it finally hit me - FRANKENSTEIN hahaha.

jgwong said...

I was waiting for the answers, hah.

All I wanted to know was who's the second artist. Morgan Weistling, he's great.

Ben B said...

Erik, remember today when I mentioned the coming war with the machines and you said it was the nerdiest thing you had ever heard me say?

When I saw "influence map" I wondered why you would be blogging about an array of numbers that maps the amount of influence a deformation function has onto a set of vertices. We use influence maps all day long in 3d animation.

BAM! nerdier.

Also Hemal... so owned man.