Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Materials: quick studies

I have been asked quite a few times what materials I use for my life drawing. So I thought I would start a feature here on the old blog. This month I will address what I use for my quick studies (2 hours or less).

1. 18 x 24 inch pad of smooth newsprint. It looks like the easiest brand to get online is Richeson, which is fine, but I prefer Borden and Riley or Pro-Art
2. A Conte 1710 B or 2B pencil sharpened to a long taper using a razor blade and sanding pad
3. A kneaded eraser. Design brand seems to be the best, and most easily found.

I clip the pad to a board, support it on my knees/thighs and lean it against a vertical support (drawing horse). Keeping the board as vertical as possible and directly between myself and the model.

I use the side of the pencil for the broad shadows and the point for detail work. I will also use the "blade" of the pencil for line work. To clarify for broad strokes I use it like I am spreading butter on toast, for line work more like I am cutting a steak, and for details more like pushing a sowing needle through cloth. For all three I hold it underhand, more like a sword than a tradition pencil

note: materials not to scale


arnie said...

materials not to scale. i'm glad you mentioned that, because i would've actually been looking for that small pad.

peace out

troy said...

"more like a sword than a tradition pencil" reminds me of painters stabbing at a canvas in a single gestural stroke like they're holding a Sabre instead of a sable ;)

Great info as always thank you!

Matt said...

If you didn't say to scale I was going to leave a smart ass comment. I just wasn't sure if it would be that the pencil and eraser were ridiculously huge or if the pad was really tiny.