Sunday, July 5, 2009

Greatest Show on Earth (July 09) Addendum

I have just been made aware, by Jeff Watts and his lovely wife Krista that on there recent trip to Spain they had the pleasure of viewing an immense showing of Joaquín Sorolla's work at the Museo Nacional del Prado. I have had the pleasure twice in my life to see his murals at the Hispanic Society of America in New York. Jeff tells me these are in the show and they make up only a few of the 200+ pieces on exhibit.

So by hook or by crook, board a bus, board a plane, board a train. Go and see this show(now if I could just figure out a way to take my own advice).

The Museo del Prado is presenting the largest and most important retrospective ever to be devoted to the work of Joaquín Sorolla, the most internationally celebrated Spanish painter of the XIX century. The exhibition includes more than 100 paintings by the artist and will offer a comprehensive overview of his finest works, among them all of his great masterpieces. They include the group of panels entitled Visions of Spain, painted for the Hispanic Society of America and brought to Spain by Bancaja in 2007. This exceptional exhibition has benefited from the sponsorship of Bancaja, who in addition to their significant undertaking as organising body of the exhibition “Sorolla. Vision of Spain” that was shown to great acclaim in various Spanish cities, has now made a further contribution in the form of their collaboration with this major exhibition project at the Prado.


Ramon said...

Holy mother of god I wish I could be there! Your blog is great by the way, love the tutorials and inspiration posts (like the Boulanger/Lefebvre one) Hope all is well!


(I don't know if you remember me, I'm panchosimpson on

E.M. Gist said...

Hey Ramon,
of course I remember you. Your work is looking great. I am glad you enjoy the blog, spread the word:)