Thursday, July 10, 2008

Sketch Redux part 2

Here is the sketch I did for a cover awhile back

and here are the comments made by the art director

I like the perspective, and how Ivy looks. I do think she could be a bit more buff though, since she is a fighter. I'll also make sure that wisp of hair we're seeing off to the right is a braid. I LOVE how we get to see the action both above and below the water line. I'm not getting much of a sense of danger though. The water looks too shallow and calm. The text describes the water as only waist deep, which I think is part of the problem; it's too shallow to invoke a risk of drowning. I'd like to see the water deeper and more turbulent, but that conflicts with the written text. What do you think? I think I'd rather see Ivy struggling more against the grate, with the hand looming down at her, rather than Ivy reaching towards it. *We* know that it is her comrade reaching to help her, but we don't need to give that away on the cover. Let's let the reader think that hand is another element of danger until they actually come to this scene in the book. Also, Suzzura's hand needs to look less human and more half-orc.

Story telling wise I thought this was a great idea. In this case a revised sketch wasn't necessary, I just implemented the changes in the final


Mark Behm said...

Have a booth/book at the con this year?

E.M. Gist said...

Hey Mark,I will be at the Watts Atelier booth # 5361-62 as far a books, I don't know yet, but maybe a sketch book and and an instructional book. Hope to see you there