Monday, June 16, 2008

Microvisions going live

The auctions have been set up.
They will go live on today at 6pm PST, starting with Daren..
This will give the West Coasters a chance to get home before the bidding ends on June 23rd.
They will then end alphabetically every 3 minutes.
This gives people a chance to bid on new items if they missed the previous.

I have links, but since the auction is not yet live, I fear the links will be bad.
So instead, here are the item #'s:
BADER: 230261925172
CHAN: 230261925684
GIST: 230261926167
JUSKO: 230261926516
KLEIN: 230261926724
LOCKWOOD: 230261927148
ORBIK: 230261927358
SHIMIZU: 230261927680
TAN: 230261927850
WEBER: 230261928066

Or... you can just search for "MICROVISIONS 3"

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