Thursday, September 11, 2014

Step X Step: Justice league Dark

I recently illustrated my first cover for DC, and in the doing checked something off my bucket list.  I got to draw Swamp Thing professionally.  As a kid I had a borderline unhealthy fixation with the Swamp Thing movie. I loved everything about it, a superhero/horror movie.. check, Credence intro.. check, Wes Craven.. check, Adrienne Barbeau.. CHECK!  As I got older my love of the character only grew once I discovered he was created by Bernie Wrightson.  When I was offered my pick of several different books to do a cover for, I immediately informed them of my ST love (and Justice League Dark in general)  The AD informed me that JLD was one of the books available.  I got very excited and started doing work, the process of which I have laid out below.

The original drawing, sans digital color will be available at IlluXCon next week.  Graphite on bristol board 11 x 17.


Kan Muftic said...

Wow, congrats!
It looks absolutely stunning, Erik.

Parmjeet Johal said...

I'm in awe, excellent.