Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Tough Mudder Update

Hey everyone,
I just wanted to throw a quick update to those who have been following along. The current total on the Wounded Warrior donations contributed on by behalf for the Tough Mudder race I will be doing in July is at $876, which exceeded my wildest expectations in the beginning and is now within $125 of my revised goal of $1000. I want to thank all who have donated: Earl Dove, Kathy Owens, Bryan Tipton, Jeffrey and Krista Watts, James Moore, David Myers, Debbie Gist, Michael McKeown, Tracy E Flynn, Richard DeDominicis, Ben Barker, and last but not least Brad Jones. Which brings me to the other reason for this lengthy post. Brad, I am afraid I am not sure who you are, please send me an email to remind me so I can thank you properly and get your address to send you your sketch. I have begun sending and delivering them to everyone else, most of you should get them by the end of the month.

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