Tuesday, February 16, 2010

New Art Forum

Hey Everyone,
Sorry I have been lagging on the posts of late, I have been very busy with work. I just wanted to take a moment to invite everyone to join a new art forum a friend of mine started up,
The Illustration Board
Right now it is mostly just a bunch of my friends and students, but I would love to have the opportunity to get to know those of you I do not already, and to get back in touch with those of you I have not spoken to in awhile. So come on over and say hi, and post em if you've got em.

One more thing we will be starting a competition on March 1st, all are welcome to participate.


Amrinder Singh Nagi said...

I'v been trying to register in the illustration board for sometime but im unable to do so because it is not acceptign the registration code.I have even troed the blind one but it isnt helping :)
I hope you are able to convey this to your friend and help me out
Thanks for your kind support!

Ryan Schutter said...

Hello Amrinder,

If you would try registering one more time and provide me with the username you are trying to register I will make sure it gets validated.

Amrinder Singh Nagi said...

Hi Ryan,
I tried registering today i got through. Thank you