Sunday, September 20, 2009

Sketch Redux: Chipper Ironbane

Sorry I have been slacking on posts of late, this will probably continue for a bit as I am really busy. Anyway on to the art.

Here is one of the first cards I did for Jeremy Cranford when he took over art direction on the WoW TCG. Too this day it is one of the most popular card illustrations I have done.

Card Title: Dwarf Warrior # W2_055 Card Type: Ally - Alliance Action: Show a grim dwarf warrior raising a deadly battleaxe, as if he were about to strike Setting: Warsong Gulch Notes: Dwarf warrior must follow reference, can be any pose artist desires Flavor: a seasoned warrior, favoring strategy to blinding rushing into a fray

Here is my initial thumbnail

and my first sketch

Art Direction
"Blizzard feels that the armor for W2_055 isn't really reading as Warcraft… this almost looks like a robot... Maybe it's a problem with the chestpiece. Also the shoulderpad (the way it points) makes it look like a robot arm."
Jeremy and I decided it would be better to put him in a different set of armor altogether.

Sketch 2

This got approved with the caveat of removing the symbol from his shoulder

Final Art

to which Jeremy said
"I LOVED your last Dwarf painting. Really good stuff."


Daniel said...

very informative, thanks for posting!

Kan Muftic said...

Just went through you whole blog and I feel like it's Christmas!
So much goodness, so much knowledge and competence.. Wow!