Saturday, June 27, 2009

Charleston, SC

This year for our annual vacation Mrs. Gist and I went to Charleston, SC. We stayed at The Mills House Hotel, which I recommend for three reasons, first it is over a 150 years old, second it is smack dab in the middle of Charleston's Museum Mile (several blocks lined with amazing examples of antebellum South Carolina), and third it is walking distance to just about anywhere in the city worth seeing.
Two of the main attractions for us where the plantations in the surrounding area, including Boone Hall and Middleton Place. Pictured below are some of the attractions at Middleton, including milking a cow (you have to provide your own wife willing to do said milking), and the many carriage houses. The reason for the carriage houses I hope to reveal over the next year.

Below is one of the many carriage houses in Charleston, and a sketch I did of one at Middleton

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